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Certification of Environmental Risk Assessors (CRA) Programme

 the first internationally recognised certificate for environmental risk assessors.

The complexity of European regulations is ever increasing, and environmental risk assessment approaches across Europe are being harmonised. With regard to the authorisation of chemicals auch as industrial chemicals, household chemicals, pesticides and biocides, there is a need for an internationally recognised standard for those involved with these practices.

Therefore the CRA programme was launched with the vision to harmonise and further strengthen the use of up-to-date scientific methods and principles in the environmental risk assessment of chemicals and other stressors. We promote the education in the environmental sciences as well as the advancement and application of scientific research.

Our mission is to identify, maintain a standard for professionals working in the field of environmental risk assessment.

The CRA programme is an initiative of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Europe. SETAC is a not-for-profit organisation comprised of more than 6,000 individuals and institutions in 100 countries. Central to the programme is the Certification Programme Committee, composed of SETAC Europe environmental scientists and risk assessors for academia, government and business.

We provide the first internationally recognised standard for Environmental Risk Assessors. The different levels within the CRA programme are ideal for students, young professional at the beginning of their career as well as more experienced Environmental Risk Assessor who want to demonstrate their expertise formally with this certificate. Successful candidates are recognised as SETAC Europe Certified Environmental Risk Assessor (CRA) and listed in the CRA register.

The CRA Programme is for:

  • Graduates looking to improve their career options.

  • Young professionals looking for an advantage on the environmental risk assessment job market.
  • Environmental risk assessment professionals looking to acquire a recognition of their skills and expertise.

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