SETAC Europe Certified Environmental Risk Assessors

Environmental risk assessors are needed in every country to evaluate chemical safety and to provide robust and reliable information and analyses that are critical for policy and management decision.

The Certified Environmental Risk Assessors, not only have a broad understanding of the different fields of environmental risk assessment but also committed themselves to the use of up-to-date scientific methods and principles to strengthen the understanding of risks of chemicals, thereby protecting the environment. 

In alphabetical order:

Amy Brooks, Cambridge Environmental Assessments, United Kingdom

Bart Bossuyt, Huntsman, Belgium

Charmaine Ajao, ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), Finland

Emily Garman, NiPERA (Nickel Health and Environmental Sciences), United States

Emily McVey, ctgb, Netherlands

Frederik Verdonck, ARCHE Consulting, Belgium

Inge van Ginneken, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Belgium

James Wheeler, Shell, Netherlands

Jan Wölz, Bayer AG, Germany

Kelly Quinlan Kappler, Johnson & Johnson, United States

Konstantinos Prevedouros, ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), Finland

Leo Posthuma, RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), the Netherlands

Marta Sobanska, ECHA (European Chemical Agency), Finland

Mathijs Smit, Shell, Netherlands

Mathilde Zorn, ctgb, Netherlands

Nikola Bitsch, Celanese Deutschland Holding GmbH, Germany

Patrick Van Sprang, ARCHE Consulting, Belgium

Rob Franken, ctgb, Netherlands

Sabine Navis, ARCHE Consulting, Belgium