Direct Certification

Direct registration is possible for experienced environmental risk assessors with more than 5 years of full-time experiences.

In addition to the standard procedure to become a CRA, application for immediate direct registration via the submission of a dossier for direct registration is also possible, if all CRA criteria are fulfilled.

Environmental Risk Assessment professionals with several years of experience* in an environmental risk assessment job can apply for direct registration. To be certified, the applicant should submit the application dossier for direct certification, a concise written risk assessment report and should proceed with the final certification exam.

The direct certification dossier need to contain following elements*:

  • A full curriculum vitae, including full name and current affiliation (organisation/institution/company).

  • A motivation letter, including

    • a self-evaluation with an indication of why the applicant applies
    • a summery of past, current and envisaged future professional activities in environmental risk assessment
    • a statement about how the applicant envisages the aspects of his or her own commitment to continued education and training in the next five years.
    • a clear argumentation that the applicant already obtained all competences of a CRA. This will need to include a point-by-point evaluation of the basic knowledge in all 9 CRA topics and advanced knowledge in at least 2 out of the 9 topics.
  • Point-by-point evaluation of having basic knowledge in all 9 CRA topics and advanced knowledge in at least 2 CRA topics.

  • Proof of having worked a minimum of 2 – 5  years in an ERA business during the last 4 years.

  • Proof of commitment to continued training and education:

    • at least one ERA related specialised course or training worth in total 3 credits within the last 2 years and
    • at least one active participation on a conference or symposia in the last 2 years.
  • A recommendation letter by the institution or company where an environmental risk assessment job has been conducted recently.

  • Three additional recommendation letters as a proof of recognition by peers. Preferably but not mandatory from SETAC members representing academia, business and government, respectively.

  • A critical and scientific environmental risk assessment report (except in cases where a candidate with >10 years of ERA experience can substantially motivate a examination waiver)

*Deviations from the prescribed list of elements are possible but must be explained and motivated in the motivation letter.

More Than 10 Years Experience

Environmental risk assessors with more than 10 years of on-the-job experience can apply to waive the final oral examination and do not need to submit a risk assessment report. This must be clearly motivated and justified in the direct certification dossier.