Time Investment

The necessary time expenditure greatly dependents on the prior experience and education of the applicant.

Multiple-Choice Examination

Review the CRA topics and the subtopics for the needed knowledge and competences. Applicants can also take a multiple-choice examination to determine the strengthen and weaknesses and to identify the areas they need to focus on and probably visit some trainings and courses.

Continued Development

Applicants needs to visit specialised courses of at least 3 credits (1 credit equals 28 hours of total study load, so about 10 days of courses) and additionally participate in conferences, symposium or workshop.

Oral Examination and Certification

Between 2 and 5 years of on-the-job-training must be completed before submitting the certification dossier.

Allow ample time to prepare the environmental risk assessment report and for the final oral examination.

The Certification Programme Committee will convene 3 to 4 times per year to evaluate incoming dossiers. This should allow most dossiers to be evaluated within four months from submission. Please note, due to the higher number of applications the evaluation might be delayed.


Course Fees

The course fees will vary and depend on course organisation, location and length.

Oral Examination Fee

An examination fee is paid before the examination. This fees covers administrative and organisational costs for the oral examination.

CRA Registration Fee

Together with the application, a certification fee needs to be paid before the dossier can be evaluated. This fee covers all administrative and organisational costs for the evaluation.

SETAC student and
recent graduate member
SETAC member Non-member
Multiple-choice examination fee € 45 € 90 € 145
CRA registration fee (including oral examination and valid for 5 years) n.a. € 155 € 695**
CRA re-registrion fee (valid for 5 years) n.a. € 145 € 695**
*Includes a 5-year SETAC membership

Direct Certification Fee

SETAC member Non-member
Direct registration fee (valid for 5 years) € 245 € 795**
**Includes a 5-year SETAC membership

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