Multiple-Choice Examination

The multiple-choice examination is the first of two examinations in the process to become a Certified Environmental Risk Assessor. The examination consists of multiple-choice questions covering all nine topics and areas of expertise to ensure Certified Environmental Risk Assessors share a broad basic understanding of the risk assessment principles.

Candidates have 2 hours to complete the examination.

After passing the multiple-choice examination participants will receive:

  • A recognition letter testifying the success if the participant succeeded.
  • Feedback on performance of each topic.

The multiple-choice examination takes place in conjunction to the SETAC Europe annual meeting in May each year. Upon request and based of the number of candidates and geographical distribution examinations can be additionally organised at another location and time of the year.

State of Knowledge

Applicants can also use the examination to ascertain their state of knowledge and discover strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, all participants will receive feedback on performance of each topic and area. With this, applicants can determine, where additional knowledge need to be gained by e.g. following courses. Participants can retake the examination once, without charge of fees in case of failure.


When registering for the multiple-choice examination, participants must pay an administration fee.

SETAC reduced fees (students, recent graduates, low income countries)* 45€
SETAC regular fees 90€
non-member fees 145€

*Reduced fees for students, recent graduates and low and upper middle income countries. LIC (Low Income) or LUMIC (Lower and Upper Middle Income) regular or student living and residing in countries as listed by the World Bank. Students (BSc, MSc and PhD students; Expected expiration date and study programme must be mentioned in the SETAC profile).

For more information and registration please contact Rebecca on