The SETAC Europe Certification of Environmental Risk Assessors was established to develop a certification for professionals working in the field of environmental risk assessment. Experts from industry, academia and governmental institutions should share the same high standards and broad understanding of risk assessment principles to ensure the safe use of chemicals.


Sign up for the programme and determine if you meet the eligibility requirements. Applicants must have

  • Master of science degree or doctorate in a discipline relevant for environmental risk assessment

  • Applicants without such a diploma will be evaluated based on their working experiences.

Applicants can get the support and advice from a mentor. The mentor supports the application, provide advice and help to increase your professional network.

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Training and Expertise

To ensure the high standards applicants need to fulfil the knowledge and experiences expected from a certified expert.

  • Broad basic knowledge in all 9 CRA topics demonstrated in the multiple-choice examination

  • Advanced knowledge in 2 of the 9 topics

  • Continued professional development by following specialised courses and conference participations

  • On-the-job experiences for 2 to 5 years in the field of environmental risk assessment

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Oral Examination

Applicants must demonstrate their expertise in the final oral examination.

Before the oral examination the applicants must submit

  • Certification dossier

  • Risk Assessment Report

The examination consists of an oral presentation (of the written report) followed by a discussion with an Examination Panel. The examination will assess if the applicant has the capacity to perform at a high level in an environmental risk assessment job following up-to-date standards and scientific methods.

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Applicants who have passed the final oral examination and completed the certification will receive a certificate and are registered as a SETAC Europe Certified Environmental Risk Assessor.

  • The certification is valid for 5 years

  • After 5 years recertification is required

Certified Environmental Risk Assessors not only demonstrated a broad understanding of the various fields on environmental risk assessment but the also embraced up-to-date scientific methods and principles.

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