SETAC Europe Certified Environmental Risk Assessors

Following a positive decision, the applicant will be informed as soon as possible and will be invited to undersign a code of conduct. Then, the applicant will be registered as “SETAC Europe Certified Environmental Risk Assessor” for five years and will be allowed to carry this title.

Certified Environmental Risk Assessors, not only have a broad understanding of the different fields of environmental risk assessment but also committed themselves to the use of up-to-date scientific methods and principles to strengthen the understanding of risks of chemicals, thereby protecting the environment.

Have a look at our current Certified Environmental Risk Assessors.

How to Remain a Certified Risk Assessor

The registration as a CRA is valid for 5 years. CRAs who wish to remain registered in the CRA database will need to renew their registration. An important principle will be that in order to remain registered as a CRA, the CRA needs to maintain competences and use them at a high-quality level to the benefit of the field of ERA, remain active in ERA (including recognition by peers), and show commitment to continued education and training (e.g. SETAC activities).