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Multiple Choice Examination

For the first time the SETAC Europe CRA programme will offer a multiple choice examination at the Annual Meeting in Rome, Italy. The examination will take place on Monday, 14 May at 10:00 am-12:00 pm. The exam consists of multiple choice questions covering all 9 CRA topics and the candidates have 2 hours to complete the test.

With this multiple choice examination, a successful participant can show that they fulfil the necessary knowledge and competences in all 9 CRA topics!

You gained already knowledge in the CRA topics but did no follow courses? You learn more easily from books? No time to travel to courses and workshops? Perfect! Show your knowledge in the multiple choice examination and earn a waiver for all 9 CRA topics.

Everyone interested to know where he or she stands and in which topics more knowledge may be needed is also invited to join!

A previous enrolment in the CRA programme is not needed.

The first multiple choice examination is free for SETAC members. For non members an administration fee of 145€ arises.

For more information and registration please contact Rebecca on